• #SecondhandSeptember - 5 Tips for Shopping Secondhand

    #SecondhandSeptember - 5 Tips for Shopping Secondhand

    #SecondhandSeptember is still among us. That’s why @selfnplanet and I are here to share what this month is all about and give you some of our best tips for shopping secondhand!
  • Fast Fashion 101

    Fast Fashion 101

    I’ve been talking about taking a stand against fast fashion through Dressed by Danielle for so long, it really is time I pause for a minute to explain what exactly fast fashion means, and why it's so bad for us. 
  • 10 Reasons to Shop Secondhand

    10 Reasons to Shop Secondhand

    It’s been over 8 years since I’ve bought any new clothes, and yet, my wardrobe is everything I’ve ever wanted it to be. With such an abundance of clothing in our world, we are living in the golden age of secondhand fashion. Although there are a million reasons to shop secondhand, here are 10 of my favorite!