1960s Vintage Paisley Button Down Sleeveless Dress

One of the most interesting dresses I have thrifted, this dress is a gorgeous throwback to the 1960s. The beautiful floral print and the form fitting shape of the dress is an elegant look that is bound to uplift your wardrobe, and is the perfect outfit for any season!

Material is heavy, a little rough and flexible.Collared with with half length button closure in front.

Size: L

Please rely on the measurements below as an accurate indicator of size:

Collar: 16
Bust: 19
Waist: 18
Hip: 20
Flare: 23
Strap to Hem: 37
Waist to Hem: 23

Condition: Good - some minor pilling on bottom back of hem and by the top button. There is loose fabric at trim of sleeve.

Country of Origin: Israel