1970s Vintage Funky Fresh Patterned Shirt

No fashion aficionado's wardrobe is complete without at least one of these incredibly punk 70's inspired shirts. What is the point of life itself, if you can't look like your wearing a Picasso painting? The sharp collars, and the puffed sleeves will look absolutely beautiful with a pair do vintage mom jeans. This shirt is in very condition, except for a loose thread on the sleeve as shown in the pictures and a few teeny tiny stains that are not even noticeable because of the pattern!

Size: XS

Please rely on the measurements below as an accurate indicator of size:

Collar to Shoulder: 8.2

Shoulders: 15.5 

Chest: 18.2

Waist: 15.2

Hem: 19.1

Sleeves: 24

Wrist: 3.5

Arm: 6