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Flow belly Dance with Mia Sierra

Flow belly Dance with Mia Sierra

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  • December 14
  • 19:00 - 20:30 
  • Ben Yehuda 64
  • About the event: Learn the foundations of the ancient, transformative movements of belly dance. Based on circles, spirals, 8s and waves, these movement are joyful and deeply restorative. Experience the peace of becoming deeply grounded in your body and the intuitive flow of movements, and life, that follow.

    Flow belly dance is a deeply relaxing and joyful mindful movement class. Developed from a blend of traditional Belly dance movements and sufi meditative techniques, students quickly find themselves enjoying their body, their movements and themselves.

  • Mia Serra  has been teaching movement and dance for 25 years. She has performed and taught around the world and is the creator of the flow belly dance method
  • No experience of any form of dance is necessary.


What students say:

"Joy! It brings you joy! Do it and you’ll see for yourself."
Diana Brown, London

"Every time I do a flow belly dance session, I feel more connected to myself, more grounded and centred, more relaxed, peaceful and at ease."
Reshma Rose, Ireland/ UK