Hey, I'm Danielle!

For over 10 years I’ve been selling secondhand and vintage fashion online in the US. When I moved to Israel 7 years ago, I was disappointed by the lack of thrift stores and secondhand culture, as well as the popularity of overpriced, poor quality fast-fashion.

I launched Dressed by Danielle and opened up a studio in my home from which I could continue promoting fashion for the people and planet.

I have made it my mission to collect clothing that is in danger of being discarded and give it new life.

Whether it's items that customers trade in for store credit, no longer desired pieces that I find in closet organization sessions, or items I've hand-picked from thrift stores - I refuse to let textile become refuse.

I devote 2 hours to being your personal shopper and stylist at my in-home studio in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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Have an address in the USA? Shop online in my Poshmark closet with over 2,000 designer, vintage, & unique pre-loved pieces!

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If you're struggling with letting go of clothing, putting it all into order, and getting use out of the clothes you own, I'm here to help!

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A fashion revolution has begun!

Fast-fashion and its disposable consumer culture are leading to unsustainable levels consumption that are killing our planet. We produce too much clothing, we use harmful materials in the process, and much of it ends up incinerated or in landfills, in many cases without even being worn once! 

I'm proud to be part of the global movement that is forcing us to make more efficient and ethical decisions about our fashion consumption. 

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