In today’s overabundance of possibilities, dressing oneself has become a daunting task. I want to help you rediscover that getting dressed in the morning can be fun and exciting, and not something you dread!

I am inviting you to come into my home studio for a private, one-on-one shopping session.

I devote an entire 2 hours to being your personal shopper and stylist, helping you find pieces that make you look and feel incredible! My collection includes hundreds of pieces of clothing in all sizes (XS to XXL) as well as shoes, bags, accessories and more - everything that turns an outfit into your outfit.

If you feel like browsing all your possibilities, I will make sure that you get to see each and every item that’s in your size and preferred style. Every time you come to shop at Dressed by Danielle, I get to understand your taste a bit better, which in turn, enables me to shop with you in mind and pinpoint pieces that are screaming your name!  

You can also tell me exactly what you're looking for - Do you need an outfit for a wedding? For the office? For your new workout class? - and I will hand-select an array of items based on what you want and what I think would fit your needs.

Bring a friend to shop with you! 

Do you have a best shopping buddy you never enter a store without? That’s great! I can accommodate up to 2 customers at a time, so bring along your best friend, sister, mom or even grandma!

Trade in clothes you no longer wear for credit to shop! 

If you have clothes in good condition that you no longer wear or want, you can bring them with you and exchange them for credit to shop! The amount of credit you'll receive is determined by the quantity, quality, brands, and styles of the items you bring. All of those clothes sitting in the back of your closet that you haven't worn for months  could help you finance your new favorite pieces! 

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