Introducing: DbD x SnP Sustainability Series

Introducing: DbD x SnP Sustainability Series

It’s official! Dressed by Danielle & Self n’ Planet are collaborating on a sustainability series! We will be joining forces to release a range of inspirational and educational content about sustainable living including blog posts, feed posts, stories, and IGTVs!  

The covered topics from this collaboration range from sustainable fashion and upcycling projects to zero waste swaps and gardening, fostering a holistic approach towards eco-conscious living.

Why are we doing this collaboration? 

Sustainability is at the core of Dressed by Danielle's business model and values. By offering clients an opportunity to trade in clothes they no longer want in exchange for credit to shop for new (secondhand) pieces they love, over 8,000 pieces of clothing have re-entered the economy instead of ending up in landfills. 

But shopping secondhand is only one way to live more sustainability- we need to rethink all aspects of how we live. You see: Sustainable living is not just leaving the car at home and turning off the water while brushing your teeth; it's a lifestyle that reduces the use of Earth’s natural resources in order to preserve life on this planet. 

Our goal is to provide easy access to a variety of resources and information about sustainable living and create an engaging dialogue that spreads the importance of protecting our home.

Sustainable living encompasses a lifestyle that consciously minimizes the consumption of Earth's natural resources, aiming to protect and preserve life on our planet for future generations. 
Sustainable living allows you to recognize what you consume and the effects it has on you and our planet. Being conscious of the products you use enables you to find ways to reduce your environmental impact. 

Who is Self n' Planet? 

@selfnplanet revolves around mindful and holistic living that is based on looking after planet Earth and ourselves. Her vibrant page demonstrates how individuals like me and you can make small differences in our daily life that ultimately reduce environmental impact. Whether on a budget or struggling to figure out where to start, Leah lays out easy and affordable tips for living more sustainably. Not to mention, she’s quite the chef too!

 @selfnplanet is dedicated to promoting mindful and holistic living, focusing on taking care of both our planet and ourselves. Through their vibrant page, they inspire individuals like you and me to make small but impactful changes in our daily lives, contributing to a reduced environmental footprint.
@selfnplanet on Instagram

Stay tuned for new topics and tips each week on the instagram page and right here on the blog! 


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