Your Style Sanctuary: Thrifting Revolutionized and Tailored for You!

Have you ever walked into a store and felt overwhelmed by the endless racks of clothes, unsure of where to start or what would look good? We understand how frustrating and intimidating that can be. That's why we've created a shopping experience that's tailored just for you.

Whether you love thrifting or totally dread shopping in general, we are here to provide you with a fun and easy way to explore your personal style!

Your Personalized Shopping and Styling Experience

We believe that shopping should be intentional and that the process of dressing ourselves can be deeply empowering.

Our Private Shopping Sessions offer women of all ages an affordable and sustainable way to explore their self-expression and find clothes that make them look and feel amazing!

Our stylists devote two hours to learning about clients' particular tastes, needs, and style goals while hand-picking items from our collection that fit and flatter them.

we offer 3 different types of sessions:

  • Standard Shopping Session

    Your dedicated private stylist will invest two hours in understanding your unique tastes, needs, and style aspirations, guiding you through our collection of 3,000+ items to find the pieces that perfectly complement and flatter you.

    This is the original service designed by Danielle, our Founder and Lead Stylist, to elevate the secondhand shopping experience, offering unmatched ease, accessibility, and a personalized touch.

  • Premium Shopping Session

    Enjoy two hours of personal shopping and styling assistance from our Founder and Lead Stylist, Danielle, who has been running and developing these sessions for over four years. Only you and up to two friends you may choose to bring along will be in the store during your session. You may also bring in clothes you no longer want and exchange them for credit to shop. 

Communal Shopping Session Standard Shopping Session Premium Shopping Session

₪100 store credit to use during your session

₪150 store credit to use during your session

₪350 store credit to use during your session

2 hours of browsing through our shop, with some basic styling and shopping assistance from our Private Stylists

2 hours of personal styling and shopping assistance from one of our Private Stylists

2 hours of personal styling and shopping assistance from our Founder and Lead Stylist, Danielle

Shop alongside 7 other women and potentially meet some new friends!

Share the space with one other woman who is also having her Standard Shopping Session at the same time (potentially meet a new friend!)

Option to bring along up to two friends to shop with you (the store credit can be shared with them and they also get to enjoy the full shopping experience)

The shop is totally yours! Only you and the women you choose to bring along will be in the store during your session.

Group Shopping Sessions

Whether it's your birthday, a bachelorette party, or just a girls' day out, reserve the entire shop for you and your friends! With a minimum of 6 women you can enjoy a 2-hour Private Shopping Session on a date of your choosing with personalized assistance from two of our stylists.

Upgrade your experience with optional workshops like women's circles, sound baths, belly dancing, and more. Contact us for add-on details.

Open-Door Days

Every Thursday and Friday we open our doors to the public and welcome women to come shop without booking an appointment. On these days we also accept clothing drop offs in exchange for store credit.

Opening Hours:

Thursdays: 10:00-18:00

Fridays: 10:00-16:00

Ben Yehuda 64, Tel Aviv

Read what our clients have to say

  • “Going to Danielle once or twice a year has become a must for me as a busy mom who values sustainability. I know I'll always find quality pieces without having to dig through piles of clothes or even look at sizes or brands which is extremely refreshing. ”

  • “There was no judgment, only kindness, and I had so much fun! I left with so many wonderful pieces and a feeling of excitement, and I haven't stopped raving about Danielle's service ever since!”

  • “I am bigger than the average Israeli woman and generally don't even try to find clothes here - so I will admit I had very low expectations when I made my appointment... I was blown away! Not only did she have tons of clothes in my size, but they were CUTE!”

  • “I left with an entirely new wardrobe, with half the cost and a fraction of the time it would have taken schlepping around the mall. I don't shop any other way now!”

  • “I came to Danielle on a really rough day and wasn't just met with professional styling tips but a listening ear and someone who empowered me to dare to wear new things and try things I've always said no to before. Most of the clothes I bought there are now my favorite clothes. ”

  • “Whether you love shopping or hate it - this is the perfect way to find new clothes. Danielle knows exactly how to find the right items according to what you like and what suits you but without any pressure.”

  • “I purchased my entire summer wardrobe within 2 hours without the stress of store/mall shopping and felt like I was doing good by the environment also. ”

  • “I am a mom of 3 and love clothes, but lack time! I am committed to buying secondhand but needed a new outlet and someone who could look at my body, listen to my needs and understand my style. Danielle offered ALL of that and more.”

Looking for the perfect gift for your friend or loved one? You can buy them any amount of store credit you'd like, which they can use to shop in store and/or to book a Private Shopping Session with one of our stylists! ❤️


We offer three different types of Private Shopping Sessions and each has a different minimum spend amount/ security deposit. This amount acts as store credit during your session and will be deducted from the amount you spend on clothing. If you cancel or reschedule within 48 hours of your session or do not show up, then you will not be refunded this amount. 

Group Shopping Sessions - ₪100 minimum spend/ security deposit per person (minimum 6 shoppers)

Standard Shopping Sessions - ₪150 minimum spend/ security deposit 

Premium Shopping Sessions - ₪350 minimum spend/ security deposit

*Store credit CAN be used to book your Private Shopping Session*

During a Premium Shopping Session, you may share the minimum spend amount with the friend(s) you bring. For example, if you book a Premium Shopping Session and bring along two friends to shop with you, then the ₪350 credit you pre-paid for may be spread amongst all the shoppers if you don't end up buying more than ₪350 worth of clothing.

We believe that secondhand fashion should be accessible and affordable. For this reason, almost all of our items are priced at ₪80 or less. We have some special items that are priced higher, such as designer and vintage pieces, but we will make sure to tell you during your session if an item we are showing you is more expensive.

Typically, during Standard or Premium Shopping Sessions, our clients spend between ₪500 and ₪2,000 in total and take home between 15-50 items.

Ben Yehuda 64, Tel Aviv

No. Unfortunately, there is no parking at our shop.

‎חניון כדורעף is just a short 3 minute walk from Dressed by Danielle. At only 15 NIS for the first hour and 3 NIS for every quarter after, parking will cost you around 28 NIS for a shopping session at Dressed by Danielle.

If חניון כדורעף is full, Tel Nordau Parking is also a 3 minute walk from the shop. The lot charges 16 NIS for the first hour and 4 NIS for every quarter hour after. Parking here will cost you about 36 NIS for a shopping session at Dressed by Danielle.

Every Sunday we allow women to drop off clothing in exchange for up to ₪200 store credit. Each client is alloted one drop off per month and the credit never expires!

If you have clothes in good condition that you no longer wear or want, feel free to bring them to the store in exchange for store credit. The amount of credit you will receive is determined by the quantity, quality, brands, and styles of items you bring. All of those clothes sitting in the back of your closet that you haven't worn for months could help you finance your new favorite pieces!

Click here to read more about our Drop-Off days and clothing exchange policies. 

We do not accept clothing drop-offs during Group or Standard Shopping Sessions. If you would like to bring in clothes and exchange them for credit to shop, then you may do so on one of our designated Drop-Off Days or during a Premium Shopping Session. Please see our policy page for more details.

Unless you are nursing or have a young infant, we ask that you please do not bring your child with you.

We want to ensure that YOU are the focus during your session and that our full attention can go towrds finding and styling clothes that you'll love!

If you plan to bring along your infant, please let us know in advance.

If you show up to a session with a child that is older than infancy, we reserve the right to ask you to leave and your security deposit will not be refunded.  

No. We do not allow clients to bring their pets into our store. Whether you are coming for a Private Shopping Session or just popping in to browse during one of our Open-Door Days, you must leave your dog outside. We have installed a hook right outside our door where you may tie your dog to if you are coming in for a short browse. 

If you require a service animal to accompany you during a Private Shopping Session, then please give us a call before your appointment to let us know.

We currently accept Bank Transfer, Credit Card (with a 3% processing fee), Venmo, and Cash.

You can also use store credit to book your Private Shopping Session!

We recommend wearing one of your favorite pairs of jeans or neutral-colored pants/shorts/skirt that you can envision lots of different tops with. You can also come in a dress or jumpsuit, it's totally fine, we'll just start the session by finding you some versatile bottoms (that you'll probably end up dying to take home)!

We also suggest wearing a nude or strapless bra that will look good with most of the things you try on. Or not, and free the nipple- that's fine too!

Group Shopping Sessions, are designed for groups of friends to come shop together! If you have at least 6 friends who want to shop together, then contact us for more details!

During a Standard Shopping Session you are not able to bring a friend with you. However, since there are always two Standard Shopping Sessions occuring at the same time, your friend may book the other session if it is available!

During a Premium Shopping Session, you may bring two friends with you to shop and they do not need to fill out a booking form. Please let us know when you book your session if you plan on bringing anyone.

We carry thousands of items in all shapes, sizes and styles to ensure that everyone who walks though our door will have many options to choose from.

In over 3 years of running these sessions full time and working with about 1,500 women, we have had less than a handful of clients who have ever left a session unsatisfied.

We promise to do our absolute best to help you find many items you love!

gift a session to a woman in need:

We are honored to facilitate the gifting of Private Shopping Sessions to women who are struggling financially and who otherwise would not be able to afford new clothes for themselves.

When you buy a "Pay It Forward" session, you are giving another woman in need the opportunity to feel empowered and take home clothes that make them feel great!
Amount You'd Like To Donate
  • Drop-Off Days

    Every Thursday and Friday we invite women to drop off gently-used clothing they no longer wear or want in exchange for store credit.

  • shop policies

    Please take a moment to read about our policies regarding cancellations, children, pets, late arrivals, rescheduling, and more.

  • Events

    Community lies at the core of Dressed by Danielle, and we actively nurture and expand our community through a diverse array of events, workshops, and gatherings.