Founder and Lead Stylist

For over a decade, Danielle has immersed herself in the world of secondhand fashion, evolving from a seasoned seller to the founder of Dressed by Danielle in 2019, where she has honed her true passion as a personal stylist.

Beyond her fashion endeavors, Danielle regularly facilitates women's empowerment circles, fostering a sense of community and connection among women.

Her compassionate nature enables her to connect deeply with her clients, creating an atmosphere where women feel heard, understood, and empowered. Danielle excels at guiding women to explore new styles and embrace experimentation, catering to even the pickiest shoppers, ensuring everyone feels like a VIP in her care.

Book a session with Danielle if you want to completely refresh your wardrobe and experience her magic touch that keeps women coming back for more, year after year!


Shop Manager

Having worked at Dressed by Danielle when it first opened, Shelley is glad to be back in a role that feels like home. As guardian of the Caring Corner, she looks forward to weaving a warm and welcoming space where style, spirituality, and connection come together to create something beautiful.

Shelley fell in love with styling through her journey of self confidence and self expression. Guided by spirituality, her personal style is a celebration of color magic and the power it holds. It's the medium through which she embraces the fluidity of identity and ever-changing tastes. 

Shelley bring a touch of divine guidance to the community through her small business offering tarot readings. Excited to share this sacred practice, she hopes to reach anyone seeking a bit of cosmic wisdom and support during transformative times. 



Ever since she was a child, Mali has been passionate about fashion and is thrilled to be actualizing this passion through her role as a stylist at Dressed by Danielle. Mali believes in destroying the patriarchy and not the planet, and is proud to work in a place which reflects these values.

Book a session with Mali so she can help you discover or refine your personal style, step out of your comfort zone, and stay on trend, all while shopping sustainably.



Siena first found her passion for sustainable fashion after watching the documentary “The True Cost” in the 11th grade. She believes in the importance of shopping slow and actively advocates for it on social media.

As a lover of color theory, Siena specializes in finding what colors look best on you. She loves helping others build minimal, versatile wardrobes that align with their personal values.

Book a session with Siena if you’re looking to elevate your look and wear your personality on your sleeve!



After graduating from fashion school with a specialization in tailoring, Maaike has developed an array of unique skills and explored different parts of the world. During this period, she became increasingly aware of environmental issues, understanding how important it is to care for our planet and respect all life.

Since learning more about the appaling conditions workers face in sweatshops, she stopped buying anything new and switched entirely to ethical fashion.

Maaike loves expressing herself through clothing that is comfortable and makes her happy. She believes that life should be lived without restriction or judgment. Her moto is: if it makes you feel good, then wear it!