• Clothing Donations

    Clothing Donations

    We do our best to keep as much clothing as we can in circulation through our Clothing Drop-Off Program. However, we can't accept everything, especially items that aren't in season or in good condition.  Luckily, we've compiled a list of organizations in...

  • Featured brand spotlight with Rachelliro Zen and her curated collection of all-natural products, from crystals to herbal blends and sacred scents.

    Our First Featured Brand: By Rachelliro Zen

    At Dressed by Danielle, we are always looking for new ways to expand our community and connect with other like-minded individuals and brands.  We have a section of our shop that is permanently dedicated to featuring other sustainable, women-owned brands...

  • #SecondhandSeptember provides great tips and tricks fro shopping secondhand and thrifting locally.

    #SecondhandSeptember - 5 Tips for Shopping Secondhand

    #SecondhandSeptember is still among us. That’s why @selfnplanet and I are here to share what this month is all about and give you some of our best tips for shopping secondhand!
  • The truth about fast fashion and its affects on the industry and it's workers. Join us in creating a structural change through conscious consumer choices.

    Fast Fashion 101

    I’ve been talking about taking a stand against fast fashion through Dressed by Danielle for so long, it really is time I pause for a minute to explain what exactly fast fashion means, and why it's so bad for us. 
  • Introducing: DbD x SnP Sustainability Series

    Introducing: DbD x SnP Sustainability Series

    Our goal is to provide easy access to a variety of resources and information about sustainable living and create an engaging dialogue that spreads the importance of protecting our home.

  • Dressed by Danielle Pop-Up Shop In Tel Aviv!

    Dressed by Danielle Pop-Up Shop In Tel Aviv!

    After months of hard work, planning, and creating, I'm thrilled to announce my first ever pop-up shop in the beating heart of Tel Aviv!