Clothing Drop-Offs

Clothing Drop-Offs

All of those clothes sitting in the back of your closet that you haven't worn for months could help you pay for your new favorite pieces! 

At Dressed by Danielle, we allow women to drop off clothing they no longer wear or want in exchange for store credit. The amount of credit we can offer is determined by the quantity, quality, brands, and styles of items you bring.  


Presenting our donation box for unwanted clothes, conveniently equipped with a QR code to fill out once you drop off your garments, making the donation process hassle-free and accessible.


Drop-Off Day Process and Policies:

  • You may only drop off items when we are open to the public during our Open-Door Days (every Thursday from 10-6pm and Friday from 10-4pm) at Ben Yehuda 64, Tel Aviv.
  • Please check which types and sizes of items we are currently accepting before bringing things in (see bottom of this page)- this may change  weekly and we will not give credit for items we have said we are not accepting. 
  • When you come to drop off, you'll fill out a short form (accessed by scanning a QR code in our shop) and take a photo of your bag so we know which one is yours. 
  • You should expect to get an email within 4 business days of dropping off, letting you know how much credit we can offer you. 
  • You may only drop off clothing one time per month (every 30 days).  
  • Any items we do not accept will be donated. We donate to several charities that we trust, so you can ensure that the pieces we won’t accept will go to a good place! 
  • Each time you drop off, you can earn up to ₪200 credit that never expires and can be used during Private Shopping Sessions or Open-Door Days. 


  • Drop offs are not accepted during Standard Shopping Sessions. However, you may bring in clothes to exchange for store credit during a Premium Shopping Session. During a Premium Shopping Session, each shopper may bring clothes and receive up to ₪200 in store credit. 
  • Credit may not be used as the security deposit for booking Private Shopping Sessions.
  • Credit is non transferrable, although you may drop off clothing under someone else's name!  


      Have some clothing that is flawed beyond repair?

      We try our best to accept almost everything that customers drop off. We are currently developing our next Upcycled Collection in which we take items that are ripped, stained, or simply out of style and rework them into new, one-of-a-kind pieces. With this collection in mind, we may even be able to accept some of the flawed items you bring in and whatever we don't take, we ensure gets donated to people in need or properly recycled.  



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