Handpicked pieces, delivered to your doorstep

Curated by our lead stylist, Danielle, each box reflects your unique style with items carefully chosen to align with your preferences, personality, and body shape.

No more struggling to find the right fit or hunting for pieces you love— we take care of everything for you!

How it works:

After you submit a detailed style and sizing questionnaire, Danielle begins curating your box with items from the extensive Dressed by Danielle collection as well as pieces she thrifts specifically for you. With over a decade of experience as a fashion reseller and personal stylist, she is an expert at finding high-quality items her clients love. 

Boxes for every budget

  • Mini Curated Style Box
    Mini Curated Style Box

    Mini Curated Style Box

    Regular price 111.00 NIS
  • Small Curated Style Box
    Small Curated Style Box

    Small Curated Style Box

    Regular price 222.00 NIS
  • Medium Curated Style Box
    Medium Curated Style Box

    Medium Curated Style Box

    Regular price 333.00 NIS
  • Large Curated Style Box
    Large Curated Style Box

    Large Curated Style Box

    Regular price 444.00 NIS

After filling out the questionnaire, simply add whichever size style box you'd like to order to your cart! Once you've completed your purchase and received a confirmation email, Danielle can begin curating your personalized collection!


Find the most frequently asked questions below.

Danielle, our lead professional stylist with over a decade of experience, meticulously selects items based on the information you provide in the questionnaire. Drawing from her extensive background working with thousands of women of varied styles and body types, she has honed the art of curating collections that resonate with individual preferences, ensuring a personalized and positive experience for each recipient.

The thrill of our Curated Style Boxes lies in the surprise and personalized touch! However, if you have specific preferences, feel free to mention them in the questionnaire, and Danielle will do her best to incorporate those elements into your curated collection.

No worries, your satisfaction is our priority, so please feel free to reach out if anything doesn't meet your expectations. Should you choose to return or exchange an item, do keep in mind that shipping fees will apply.

All items in our Curated Style Boxes are passed through a strict quality assurance process and laundered before being sent to you. Since everything is secondhand, some items may have very small signs of wear, such as pilling. However, Danielle personally ensures that every piece maintains excellent, wearable quality.

It depends on which size box you opt for! We offer 4 different sizes of boxes:

Mini: 1-2 items

Small: 3-5 items

Medium: 5-8

Large: 8-12

The amount you will receive depends on the brands and original value of the items included in your box. In your questionnaire, you can let us know if you prefer to receive more items and care less about the brands, or to receive fewer, brand name items in your box.

Absolutely! Just complete the questionnaire on their behalf, and we'll take care of the rest. If you'd like to add an extra special touch, let us know, and we'll include colorful packaging and a personalized handwritten note at no additional cost.

While we aim to ship most Curated Style Boxes within a week, please allow 1-2 weeks for processing. Larger bundles might take a bit longer, but we're working diligently to ensure you receive your personalized collection with care and attention to detail.

While we can ship Curated Style Boxes to Israel, we want to be transparent about the shipping costs, which unfortunately are quite high at the moment. We promise we're working towards making it more accessible for our Israeli customers and hope to do so by March 2024!