Master Your Style, Transform Your Wardrobe, Ignite Your Confidence!

Our in-person services outlined below will exclusively be offered in the Greater Philadelphia Area until the end of April 2024.

  • Personalized Closet Overhaul

    I will guide you through a holistic process to downsize and optimize your wardrobe, building sustainable systems tailored to your lifestyle and preferences.

    Your level of involvement is flexible—you choose whether to take an active role or entrust me with most of the organization process.

  • Personal Styling Session

    Embark on a transformative journey to master your style and reimagine your wardrobe, revealing hidden gems and unlocking the full potential of each piece. Discover tools and tricks to elevate your style, making self-expression through fashion enjoyable and effortless. You'll learn all the major styling rules, and gain the confidence to break them.

  • Personal Shopping Session

    Become a more efficient and effective shopper while filling gaps in your wardrobe with carefully curated, complementary pieces. Learn to discern quality, dress for your body type and skin tone, and gauge what fits—saving hours of future shopping frustration.

    This service is also offered virtually.

Each package is fully customized and our pricing starts as low as $60 per hour.

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  • “The closet organization session was life changing. Danielle started by helping me empty and go through every piece I owned, and helped me to transform and optimize my wardrobe for maximum confidence and usability. We worked on sustainable organization systems, as well as best practices for future closet purges.”

  • “Danielle did an AMAZING job organizing my closet! She was so lovely and very efficient. She helped me not only to create a great organizing system for my closet, but she also showed me tricks to maintain it! I would highly recommend it! She really knows her stuff!!”

  • “Danielle really helped me go through my wardrobe and pair down, keeping only the things that I wanted to wear. She encouraged me to be mindful of what I wear and to seek clothes that made me feel like me, regardless of my preconceived notions of what looked good on me. With Danielle, I found a different way of looking at clothes and was able to better focus on what I liked.”

  • “Danielle did not rush and took her time with each (sometimes painstaking) step. By the end, I not only felt relieved to have a fresh, clean living space, but I was excited to get ready in the morning and make the most of my existing wardrboe! I cannot recommend Danielle and her incredible talent for organizing and eye for fashion enough!”


Sessions and Workshops for Teens

I offer a range of fun and engaging experiences for teenage girls to help them explore their personal style, learn how to keep their closets organized and express themselves more confidently through fashion!

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  • Style Empowerment Session

    Private Session or Group Workshop

    This formative experience goes far beyond teaching the basics of personal styling; it empowers teens to define and embrace their unique style while fostering creativity and confidence. Through activities such as style vision boarding, guided journaling, outfit experimentation, and lookbook creation, Danielle imparts invaluable lessons on body positivity, self-acceptance, and authentic expression.

    3-4 hours, $120/hr

  • Closet Overhaul Session

    Private Session

    Danielle guides teens through a process of decluttering, organizing, and maximizing their wardrobe, equipping them with skills and insights that extend far beyond their closets. By incorporating fun and engaging activities, she creates an empowering environment where girls gain practical decision-making tools, learn lessons in personal responsibility, and build confidence in their fashion choices.

    2-4 hours, $120/hr

  • Fashion Resale Masterclass

    Private or Group Course (in person)

    In this comprehensive course, Danielle imparts essential knowledge to budding young entrepreneurs, guiding them through the process of establishing their own online fashion resale business. Drawing from over 12 years of expertise, she shares invaluable insights into business development, marketing, and retail merchandising, empowering girls to cultivate and flourish in their own fashion resale ventures.

    8 hours, $1,000 + $100 per extra student added

  • Girls Night In

    Group Workshop

    This is the ultimate mix of fashion, fun, and meaningful connection, combining fashion-centered activities with unique bonding experiences for a memorable and empowering evening. From vision board crafting to guided journaling, fashion games and a sharing circle, each activity is designed to foster confidence, celebrate individuality, and deepen girls’ connections with themselves and friends.

    5 hours, $800 (up to 8 girls), $100 per extra girl added

  • Sustainable Style Soiree

    Group Workshop

    This playful and engaging workshop educates girls on the environmental impact of the fashion industry through exciting activities such as a clothing swap, styling challenge, and an upcycled fashion craft. Girls will learn how their fashion choices can make a positive impact on the planet while exploring their personal style and expressing themselves creatively with friends.

    5 hours, $800 (up to 8 girls), $100 per extra girl added


Inspired by her own teenage struggles, Danielle has crafted services to help young girls cultivate confidence, embrace individuality, and foster self-love through fashion.



Unfortunately no- currently our in-person services are only being offered in the Greater Philadelphia Region through the end of April 2024.

Stay tuned for the upcoming launch of our new virtual services which can be accessed anywhere in the world!

We recommend inviting between 4 and 12 girls for the Group Workshops, except for the Fashion Resale Masterclass which we recommend no more than 4 girls.

Danielle brings everything right to you and facilitates the Group Workshops in your home.

They are most suitable for girls between ages 8 and 18. All private sessions and workshops are tailored specifically to the girls who are participating, incorporating age-appropriate activities and exercises.

Curated Style Boxes

Handpicked pieces, delivered to your doorstep!
  • Mini Curated Style Box
    Mini Curated Style Box

    Mini Curated Style Box

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  • Small Curated Style Box
    Small Curated Style Box

    Small Curated Style Box

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  • Medium Curated Style Box
    Medium Curated Style Box

    Medium Curated Style Box

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  • Large Curated Style Box
    Large Curated Style Box

    Large Curated Style Box

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